National Adoption Week

naw2016_letterboxbanner-1-944x265It is currently National Adoption Week (17th to 23rd October 2016) and all across the UK various agencies and local authorities have been championing the cause of young people within our nation who are sadly waiting for their own forever families.

Statistically there are approx. 3,000 young people currently waiting either in short-term foster care placements or in institutional care for that day when they will meet either an individual or a couple with the desire and ability to play the role of loving parent in their life through adoption.

Children over the age of 4 and in particular sibling groups, ethnic minorities and children with complex needs are sadly much less likely to find their own forever family.  These children are often left waiting the longest, waiting on lists, waiting in hope but at some point it is most likely they will be placed in long-term foster care with adoption no longer considered a viable option.

As a father of two adopted children and a third looked after child I am passionate about adoption (& fostering).

Most children that enter the social care system do so through no fault of their own.  It is sometimes the case that generational breakdown is the cause, demonstrated through various forms of abuse such as emotional, physical, sexual or neglect being part of the degeneration of a family unit.  In other instances the cause may be bereavement or incapacity, with no extended family either available or able to take the child under their care.  The social challenges are many and varied and because of this a diverse range of parents are needed to best match the specific needs of specific children.

Adoption should be viewed as a permanent solution.  It promises permanence, a sense of belonging and sets the stage for children to be loved unconditionally.

These children may not have experienced permanence, belonging or love as we might understand them.  These are key facets for any child, regardless of their age or their background, to have the opportunity to work out their emotional muddles from the past, embrace their best life now and hope for a much brighter future.

Adoption is also a big part of the Christian story.  The Bible paints a picture of God as a loving Father who, despite all of our chaos and disorder, invites us into His family as adopted children.  We are given full rights and privileges as members of His household.  The Bible tells us we are given the same status as the Fathers son Jesus and that the Father looks on at us with the same devotion in His eyes, such a wonderful truth!

If you would like to explore the initial stages of adoption further then may I please encourage you to make contact with national adoption and fostering charity Home For Good by phoning 0300 001 0995 or visiting their website

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